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Q1: What is 101-55-66?
A1: 101-55-66(formerly Buck-A-Call) is a great new long distance service that enables you to save without having to switch phone companies. Simply dial 101-55-66 then dial as you normally would to place your long distance call (101-55-66 + 1 + area code + phone number)

Q2: Do I have to change long distance companies or plans?
A2: No. You can use 101-55-66 as much as you like without changing your long distance company or plan. 101-55-66 charges appear on your local telephone bill.

Q3: Do I have to register or sign-up for anything?
A3: No. There are no contracts to sign, no hidden fees and you don't have to switch phone companies. You can simply use it as soon as you want as often as you want -- no strings!

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Q4: How does 101-55-66 work?
A4: 101-55-66 is a 'dial around' service - it enables Canadians to save on their long distance calls by "dialling around" their current long distance company using a seven digit number. Simply dial "101-55-66" then dial as you ordinarily would to complete your long distance call. 101-55-66 charges will appear on your local telephone bill.

Q5: Where is 101-55-66 available?
A5: 101-55-66 is currently available to most residential long distance callers in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island who are local service customers of Bell Canada, Telus, MTS.

Q6: Why isn't 101-55-66 available in Saskatchewan and Newfoundland?
A6: Due to various business issues, we are not currently able to offer the 101-55-66 service to residents of Newfoundland and Saskatchewan, however we hope to make our service available in these areas in the future.

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Q7: Can I use 101-55-66 from my cell phone or from work?
A7: 101-55-66 calls are relayed using a fibre network (or "land lines"), while cellular or digital calls are carried through the air waves. As such, it will not work from a cell phone. Many employers program their phone systems to block long distance calling sequences. If you have to dial "nine" to get an outside line, chances are you won't be able to use 101-55-66.

Q8: Is 101-55-66 bilingual?
A8: Oui. 101-55-66, or as it was also known in Quebec as Appel 1$, is currently available to French Canadians living in Quebec. The dialling process, billing and benefits of the 101-55-66 service are the same in Quebec as they are in the rest of Canada. Stay tuned for the French web site coming soon!

Q9: Why can I not use 101-55-66 to dial overseas?
A9: 101-55-66 is only available for calls within Canada and to USA. International dialling is no longer available as of May, 2009.

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