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101-55-66 works across the border - $1 for every 15 minutes or less to the U.S.

Anytime, to anywhere in the U.S. You don't have to switch phone companies or signup for anything and 101-55-66 charges appear on your local phone bill.

For every additional 15 minutes you talk, it's also just $1.


Note: This calculator presents approximate savings.

    *Subject to change without notice
  **Plan rates as at 2001 and apply to weekdays, Monday-Friday
***10:30 am rates based on direct distance dialled rates including time of day discounts as at 2001.

Halifax rates based on MTT's RealTime Savings™ Plan***
Toronto and Montreal rates based on Bell Canada's First Rate™ North America Plan***
Montreal rates based on Bell Canada's First Rate™ Straight Plan
Calgary rates based on Telus' Your Way™ Straight Plan
Winnipeg rates based on MTS' First Rate Unlimited™ Plan
Vancouver rates based on BC Tel's Telus Talk™ Plan